About Us

Ever Growing Love For Coral


Live Water Aquariums has over 20 years of experience working with salt water aquariums, live coral, fresh water ponds, and more. A young couple starting with a small Coralife Biocube and a aquarium service company in San Diego, our passions quickly grew into what is now a greenhouse aquaculture facility for the beautiful live coral that many of you have grown to love as well. 


Coral health is our absolute number one goal, we strive to provide our customers with coral that has been well acclimated to living in a home aquarium. Before your corals are sent out, they will have been fragged from the mother colonies you see pictured and removed from our outside grow out system to our frag system for a period of time. Here they are closely monitored while your frags heal, color up, and acclimate to a system more similar to to those found in the homes of a reef aquarium hobbyist. We have found that this system of fragging and acclimation helps the corals gain the strength to handle the stresses of shipping, and parameter differences when being added to your aquarium system. This has helped us keep the survival rate higher after you receive your new piece. 


Our WYSIWYG corals are treated the same and monitored very closely before being posted for sale. As many of you know, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) means that the coral/frag photographed and posted for sale is the exact coral/frag you will receive after purchase. Any auctions you see online from our company will all be WYSIWYG and all these corals and frags will have already been monitored and deemed ready to brave the stressors of shipment. 


We ship all live coral next day over night, to ensure that they arrive as quickly as possible, and often times will not ship if it is late in the week in an attempt to avoid shipping delays over the weekends. They will come double or tipple bagged, depending on your purchase, and will be in an insulated box to ensure survival. You will not need to sign for your corals unless otherwise specified, however, we recommend acclimation is done as soon as you receive them. So follow the tracking number we send you closely and be ready to take care of your new babies when they arrive! 




San Diego Services

In addition to our available corals, we also provide high quality aquarium and pond services for anyone in the San Diego area looking to enjoy the view of a well balanced aquarium while keeping their own hands dry! 

We are happy to help you with an aquarium move, new tank installations and pond builds, tank removals etc. We even provide personal deliveries of coral and other live stock available online at a much less expensive delivery rate to save our fellow San Diego residents on shipping costs.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions or to schedule a time for one of our team members to come by for an estimate!

livewateraquariums@yahoo.com / 619 - 993 - 0277 / 858 - 705 - 1447