Green Millepora

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Small, medium, and large frags available of this Green Acropora Millepora. Photo is of the mother colony your frag would come from. The vibrant coloration that will make any of your reefing friends green with envy!  

Scientific Name:  Acropora Millepora 

Common Names: The Cluster Coral; Milli

Care Level: Moderate - Difficult

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific

Temperament / Behavior: As with most SPS coral, for continued good health, this coral will require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water. Though Millepora are slightly more hardy than a standard Acropora, these corals are very sensitive to quick changes in water quality, lighting, and flow. We recommend these types of coral to seasoned hobbyists. 

Food: This coral does not need to be regularly fed to thrive in your marine aquarium system, however, we have noticed that spot feeding can be extremely beneficial to many coral species. 

Light: Medium - High lighting is recommended for this coral. Though it can adapt very well to the different lighting available, we recommend intense LEDs for brighter coloration.

Water Movement: These corals prefer medium to high flow as with many other sps. If the flow is too slow the coral will be more susceptible to infections.