Green / Purple Galaxea

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This Green / Purple Galaxea has beautiful coloration with an inner layer of bright green tentacles and an outer layer of purple tentacles. Don't forget, even though they are very beautiful, these guys can be aggressive! 

Scientific Name: Galaxea fascicularis

Common Names: Galaxy Coral

Care Level: Easy

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific

Temperament / Behavior: Galaxea are a very aggressive coral, and because of this many hobbyists and otherwise need to make sure that there is plenty of room given between them and other corals. They send out very long sweeper tentacles when happy and can sting other corals in your system.  

Food: Galaxea fascicularis can be kept successfully in a reef tank without any feeding at all, as long as adequate lighting is provided, they rely mostly on the symbiotic zooxanthellae and this will sustain them. If you like to feed as well, make sure that the meaty foods you are feeding have been ground up quite a bit, as the polyps and mouths on these guys are very small. 

Light: Low - moderate light levels are fine for these guys. We have noticed that they do just fine in a sand bed, which is nice (depending on your aquarium layout) because it may be easier to give them the extra room they require on the sand bed. 

Water Movement: Like most large polyp stony corals, Galaxea fascicularis will benefit from moderate water flow. The polyps will remain retracted if the water current is too fast.