Green Torch

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Scientific Name: Euphylia glabrescens

Common Names: Green torch coral

Care Level: Moderate

Origin / Habitat: South Pacific regions including Tonga, Fiji, Philippines, Solomon Islands the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea and Southern Japan.

Temperament / Behavior: The torch coral has potent sweeper tentacles that it will send out to other corals from growing too close and will sting anything within reach with its nematocysts. Because of this, you should take care to ensure that your torch coral has enough room both now and in the future, once the corals in your tank have begun to fill-in the available space.

Food: Euphylia glabrescens can be kept successfully in a reef tank without any feeding at all, as long as adequate lighting is provided, because their symbiotic zooxanthellae will sustain them. If you want to feed, they will eat mysis, fortified brine shrimp, rotifers, Cyclopeeze and other similarly sized meaty foods. Larger pieces than a typical mysis is not digestible, and although the animal "accepts" it, it will regurgitate it up later in the night.

Light: Moderate light levels are usually fine. Adjust as needed.

Water Movement: Like most large polyp stony corals, a torch coral benefits from moderate water flow. The polyps will remain retracted and under inflated if the water current is too fast, because the large flowing polyps are prone to rip and tear in high or ultra-high current environments. 


*Cover image under LED and natural sunlight with no blues / Second image to show coloration with blue LED on