Green Star Polyp

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Green Star Polyp is the perfect coral for marine aquarium beginners as they are very hardy. Its hard not to love the beautiful neon green "flower" like polyps that will sway with your aquarium currents.

Sold in 1" - 2" Frags

Scientific Name: Briareium sp.

Common Names:  Green Star Polyps, Starburst Polyps, Purple Mat Polyps, Daisy Polyps

Care Level: Easy to moderate

pH8.2 - 8.4

Temperature: 75°F - 84°F (24°C - 29°C)

Water Hardness: 7° to 11° dH

Calcium: 420 - 500 ppm

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific, Fiji

Temperament / Behavior: Because Green Star Polyps don't have any offensive weapons, other than claiming territory by encrusting it, other corals with stinging nematocysts will sting them causing them to remain retracted and slowing their growth rates.

 Food: This coral does not require regular feeding because they should get most of what they need via photosynthesis. Symbiotic zooxanthellae provide most of their energy requirements. However, here at Live Water Aquariums, we believe most corals can benefit from the occasional extra spot feeding and have seen good results when the coral is given a small amount of phyto.

Light: Moderate to high lighting

Water Movement: Moderate to high turbulent water flows are needed. Avoid blasting them with power heads or they may stay retracted.