Metallic Green Trachyphyllia

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WYSIWYG Metallic Green Trachyphyllia. We love the shape and color of this baby! As your new coral opens up more, you can see the neon green spread apart to expose a nice contrasting orange / red underneath. It is a fairly easy coral to care for as well and is super fun to feed! 

Will receive the exact coral in the photograph, about 3" in length

Scientific Name: Trachyphyllia geoffroyi

Common Names: Brain Crater, Open Brain Coral

Care Level: Easy

Origin / Habitat: Australia 

Temperament / Behavior: It is not an outwardly aggressive coral, but as with most coral, can sting its tank mates if too close

Food: As with many of our available coral, the symbiotic zooxanthellae will sustain them. However, they will benefit from spot feeding and love micro-plankton or brine shrimp.

Light: These corals will do best with low to moderate lighting

Water Movement: This variety prefers a low flow area, you want just enough current to keep its tissues clean of detritus. But blast it with too much current, and you can expect it to remain tightly contracted.