Neon Green Montipora Aquituberculata Major Nodule

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This Montipora is a very unique and some would say vintage species of plating, whorling and scrolling Montipora that can be hard to find in the industry. It has amazing neon green coloration to show off, but the most interesting part of this specimen is that it can also grow vertical branches, or nodules. The potential this coral has to form exotic growth forms in captivity is great and will be very interesting to watch as it creates Montipora "citys capes" in your aquarium. 


Priced per .5" frag

*First two photos show the rare growth pattern of our mother colony, the final photo shows the bright coloration from above. 

Scientific Name: Montipora aquituberculata

Common Names: Monti cap

Care Level: Easy - Moderate

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific

Temperament / Behavior: As with most SPS coral, for continued good health, this coral will require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.

Food: This coral does not need to be regularly fed to thrive in your marine aquarium system, however, we have noticed that spot feeding can be extremely beneficial to many coral species. 

Light: High lighting is necessary for this coral to encourage the interesting growth pattern that it has. Though it can adapt very well to the different lighting available these days, we recommend intense halides for this special species.

Water Movement: We also recommend strong water movement for this coral to encourage growth and keep debris off the forming structures.