Neon Green Rasta Leather

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Beautiful bright green coloration on this large (5" x 3") leather coral

Scientific Name: Sinularia flexibilis

Common Names: Rasta Leather, Finger leather coral, Soft Finger Coral

Care Level: Easy - Moderate

Origin / Habitat: Widespread throughout the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific

Temperament / Behavior: Semi - Aggressive. Sinularia flexibilis produces chemicals known to be toxic to other reef species, such as AcroporaCatalaphylliaEuphylliaPlerogyra, and Porites. So t is important to keep activated carbon that is properly maintained running at all times in order to safely remove any terpenes produced.

Food: No direct feeding is required because they are photosynthetic, but like all photosynthetic corals they do feed on plankton and will do better if you provide invert foods, either by supplementation or by keeping live sand and/or a refugium that produces zooplankton.

Light: Moderate - High lighting recommended. Though this coral can tolerate a wide array of environmental conditions, it tends to do better in brightly lit areas, either from metal halides or fluorescents.

Water Movement: High flow recommended