Orange "Molten Lava" Australomussa

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This Australomussa has a very beautiful coloration with bright orange rings around the feeding tentacles which fade into the dark orange edges. It almost looks like its a smoldering fire or a molten lava! 

Sold as 1/2"-1" Frags

Scientific Name: Australomussa rowleyensis

Common Names: Australomussa

Care Level: Moderate

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific

Temperament / Behavior: This coral can get aggressive with other tank mates if too close so make sure you give it room to grow! 

Food: Australomussa rowleyensis feeds mostly in the evening times and you will see its tentacles extend late at night as your take lights start to turn off. Though feeding is not necessary, it benefits from small pieces of meaty marine food, such as baby brine shrimp, or foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates.

Light: This coral prefers moderate lighting 

Water Movement: These corals prefer medium flow