Orange Tubastraea

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Beautiful Orange Tubastraea will add a lovely splash of bright orange to your aquarium! Just make sure you have a nice shaded location for your new coral when it arrives and are ready to give regular feedings as these are non-photosynthetic corals, which means they only survive with feeding of meaty food.

Priced per .5"- 1" frag(s) / 2 - 3 Heads

Scientific Name: Tubastrae aurea

Common Names: Sun Coral; Cup Coral 

Care Level: Easy to Moderate 

Origin / Habitat: Tubastrea has a wide range of locations including the Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, and western Indian Ocean to the southern Pacific Ocean.

Temperament / Behavior: Tubastrae aurea are a very peaceful coral. However, its tentacles rarely come out during the day. You will see them opened at night often, but during the day it will looks like a bright orange rock-like structure with cylindrical tubes protruding out all around it. We personally love seeing this baby extended, though! The tentacles can also be coaxed out during the day with food and can be trained to come out more in the daylight but it will take some extra attention and care to do this. 

Food: As we mentioned previously, these corals are non-photosynthetic so they will need to be fed meaty foods to survive. We recommend every day to every other day, they prefer small food such as plankton and mysis shrimp. 

Light: Low - moderate light levels are fine for these guys. We have noticed that this specimen tends to stay slightly more closed up if it is in direct light, and we recommend a shaded area to start. However, they have been found in sunny areas and don't necessarily need to be in shade so you can adjust accordingly after acclimation. 

Water Movement: Being found at the entrance of caves and underneath overhangs in waters that have a high nutrient content and strong water flow, we recommend moderate to high flow.