Pink and Green "Miami Vice" Platygyra Maze Brain

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1" - 2" frags of our Platygyra Maze Brain coral. This maze brain has neon green ridges with bright pink valleys in between, one of our new favorite color combos for these corals! A striking addition to any reef aquarium. 

Scientific Name: Platygyra

Common Names: Maze Brain, Brain Worm Coral

Care Level: Easy to Moderate

Origin / Habitat: Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef

Temperament / Behavior: Platygyra extend sweeper tentacles for self defense. Most of the time, this is not a major problem. If you like to ere on the safe side, we recommend placing it in a location far from other corals initially and you can move it accordingly. 

Food: As with many of our available coral, though they do not require constant feeding, we strongly believe that feeding is a major key to the long term success of keeping these corals. They can be fed a mix of meaty foods similar in size to mysis shrimp or small pellet food. They have a series of small mouths that line the inside of their trenches and cannot eat very large pieces of food.

Light: Platygyra do well in medium to low light, but thankfully they do not appear to be as sensitive to changes in light as many of their close relatives in the brain coral family and coloration tends to stay consistent under many types of lighting 

Water Movement: This variety prefers a moderate to low flow area. Lower flow is helpful during feeding time as their feeding tentacles are not very long.