Pink Tip Condylactis Anemone

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Scientific Name: Condylactis gigantea

Common Names: Giant Golden Anemone

Care Level: Easy to moderate

pH8.2 - 8.4

Temperature: 75°F - 82°F (24°C - 28°C)


Origin / Habitat: Sub Tropical (Western Atlantic Ocean)

Temperament / Behavior: Condylactis Anemones have been known to deflate at times. This sea anemone "purging" is normal if it happens once every few weeks, but no more than that. This behavior may indicate a water change is needed. These anemones, in general however, act more like a predatory anemone and will move all over the tank. It does eat fish, so it is risky to allow it to host a Clown Fish, especially since Clownfish are not found in the Western Atlantic Ocean. Interestingly, this anemone does have a symbiotic relationship with Cardinalfish, Cleaner Shrimp (the Atlantic specimens), Arrow Crabs and Emerald Crabs. Just give these tank mates a little time to acclimate and you've got best friends for life.

Food:  Like most sea anemones they are photosynthetic and need light to keep the zooxanthellae, which lives within their body tissue, alive. However, regular feeding can be beneficial to this coral as well.

Light: Moderate 

Water Movement: Moderate flow