Purple Daisy Coral

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Scientific Name: Gonipora Poritidae

Common Names: Gonipora Daisy, Flower Pot Coral; Daisy Coral

Care Level: Moderate - Hard

Origin / Habitat: Australia, Tonga

Temperament / Behavior: Gonipora corals are not overly aggressive, however space should still be provided between itself and other neighboring corals because as their flower like polyps extend, they will reach far our of their skeleton and can potentially sting neighboring corals. 

Food: Gonipora Poritidae can be kept successfully in a reef tank without spot feeding as long as adequate lighting is provided. The symbiotic zooxanthellae will sustain them. However, we have found that they will benefit from spot feeding of mysis, brine shrimp, micro plankton's and other similarly sized meaty foods.

Light: Moderate light levels are required

Water Movement: Gonipora Flower Pot Coral benefits from moderate water flow and shifting currents, however, the polyps will remain retracted and under inflated if the water current is too fast.