Red & Blue St. Thomas Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Rhodactis sanctithomae

Common Names: Hairy Mushrooms / St. Thomas Mushrooms

Care Level: Easy to moderate

Habitat: Indopacific including Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Temperament / Behavior: Rhodactis mushrooms are a great choice for both beginning hobbyists looking for hardy additions to their reef tank as well as experienced collectors looking to add a potentially rare showpiece to their aquarium.

Food: Rhodactis mushrooms can be fed. Some species feed more aggressively than others, but most will fold up over meaty foods into an onion-like shape. Very large Rhodactis like the Elephant Ear variety can consume fish by anesthetizing them as they swim close and then swallowing them as they sleep.

Light: Low lighting recommended

Water Movement: Low flow preferred