Striped Acanthastrea

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A very bright red polyp with striped all around each polyp. These corals are very colorful and super easy to care for!

Priced per .5" - 1.5" frag (1-3 polyps)

Scientific Name: Acanthastrea

Common Names: Acan coral, Moon coral

Care Level: Easy to moderate

pH8.2 - 8.4

Temperature: 75°F - 82°F (24°C - 28°C)

Water Hardness: 8° to 12° dH

Calcium: 400 - 450 ppm

Origin / Habitat: Indo-Pacific, Australia

Temperament / Behavior: A Large Polyped Stony (LPS) coral that will grow when fed and given moderate flow and moderate lighting. Give them plenty of space to grow and so they are not bothered by more aggressive tank mates. They can also be aggressive as they get larger and grow more polyps.

Food: Acanthastrea will do much better when kept well fed. Target feedings with very small pieces of fresh marine origin foods offered when lights are out and the feeding tentacles are extended. Gently push the food towards the feeding tentacles.

Light: Moderate light levels are usually fine. Adjust as needed.

Water Movement: Moderate flows are good to keep the polyps expanded. Too much flow could make it more difficult for them to feed at night.